Monday, May 23, 2011

Something exciting is happening at

Hello Everyone,
 How about taking a little journey over to and enter their latest Giveaway. They are giving away some very beautiful charms and all ya need to do is post a comment telling them which one is your favorite.  How easy is that. Here is the info you need to get there. Have fun and forward it on.

Until tomorrow's travels, may you have a very blessed and refreshing night.

Long awaited Travels

Hello everyone and happy Monday,
I am happy to finally get our travels underway. This journey has had many sidetracks, but I would like to begin by sharing with you a little story. Over the past few yrs I have longed to spend my days filled with creating jewelry that I could sell and donate for fundraising auctions.  I have made individual pieces for friends on their birthdays and special occasions and even sold some of my designs but never had the time to truly build my own business. As this time has gone by I have felt a strong calling to finally show the world what hidden talents are within myself and so Adventures in Creativity as been born. I hope that you will enjoy our travels and share your creativity too.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


HELLO & WELCOME to my rural corner of the world. I thank each and everyone of you who travel with me on these exciting adventures of creativity. I am not sure where it will all lead to, but I hope that you will have a great time discovering new techniques & designs. I have been beading and making jewelry for almost 11 yrs now and get very excited when I come across a new idea or way to make a different piece of jewelry. On our journey I hope to share these ideas with you and ask that you will share your creative ideas & thoughts along the way.  Many minds make great works and sharing is positively wonderful.
                                        ENJOY, RELAX & BE CREATIVE!