Sunday, September 18, 2011

Handmade Jewelry

dino front/backPetits PoisRAW52 #36, TADA365 #256a " A less than perfect cube"Petits PoisRAW52 38/52 2011gold_04
gold_set_02Copper floral bracelet to go with the earringsRomantic flower broochDark ForestEmerald green Victoria Stone 008Ruby red faceted durzy agate pendant
new collection!!!BronzeTwins: Flowers (Pink)beaded map necklace wire wrapped citrine on a fine silver leafLandscapes: Morocco & Austria
Violeta_8470genuine bear claw and pentacle necklace Pendientes LauraCrochet Boroch Red Rose GlitzCrochet Brooch Pink Glitz

Handmade Jewelry, a group on Flickr.

Come take a look at the wonderful new group I just joined on Flickr.

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