Saturday, December 3, 2011

70 Amazing artists in 7 days....What a fun time it was.

 Only through the wonderful virtual world can one visit 70 artist's blogs, websites and shops from all over the world in 7 days. Thanks to Lori Anderson and her Virtual Craft Show and Giveaway, I was able to do just that. For the last week I have spent a little part of each day visiting her blog at to see who was participating.  I then went to each of their sites to get to know them personally, view there fantastic work and then made sure that I left a comment.
 WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY!!!  I feel I have been so blessed to now know each and every one of the participating artists and to have them in my circle of networks and friends.
  If you missed this wonderful show please don't dismay as I will be compiling a list of all the amazing artists so that you can share their creativity as well. 

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