Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 Wow! I looked at the calender this morning and realized that we are almost done with first month of 2012. Time does really fly by when we are all having fun, or working hard, or trying to re-organize ourselves for the new year......

 I have made a very big GOAL for this year and that is to get everything organized and running efficiently for myself and my family.  I have spent so much time in total chaos most of my life that I am literally exhausted.  I have vowed to say NO MORE! and end it now. 

 With that said....I have taken a few weeks of this first month to find a few tools to start using to help me get to where I need to be. I love using Google search and started first by searching for a great planning tool for my individual day, week & month at a glance. The Household Planner for Busy Moms was the perfect fit. FlyLady.Net is also another wonderful site to get great planning tools and I highly recommend both to start you on your way along with me.

 I have decided to do some major DE-cluttering of our household and everything else that seems to be bogging us down. Please join me on this journey and share what you are doing to make 2012 a great year too.

 Here are the links to the above websites:


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  1. Have fun with FLYlady. I've been flying for about a decade. Some months I do better than others. LOL