Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 Do we really need a schedule for our day??? I am faced with this very thought today and I find the answer to be most definitely we all do.  I have gone about my days not having a good schedule and I find that those days are the ones that hold the most chaos.  After so many years I finally have to be a big girl about it and say......YES LORI NEEDS TO HAVE EACH OF HER DAYS SCHEDULED!!!

 So where to begin on this schedule journey.....The first place I went to was....Google search and typed in schedules and I have to say that experience was quite over whelming.  And then I remembered that yesterday I posted about using The Household Planner and realized that I had the answer to my scheduling issue but I just need to be patient till I get it all downloaded.  All I can say at this point is........DAH!!!!! So continuing on we will talk a little about the way we all need to be more on top of our scheduling and why.
 I feel a lot of us are really looking for ways to be a stronger person, or maybe less forgetful and more productive.  We search for ways to have better self esteem, less depressed and more happy about who we really are, and more confident in our God given talents.  Bottom line is this.....we all just look for ways to be better at something because we are feeling inadequate about ourselves at that given time in our life.

 The more I read about what I need to be a better person, mom, teacher and wife, the more I keep finding that on top of the list is the need to get scheduled & organized.....or vice virsa. That if I want to feel better about what or who I am.....I  need to get the clutter & chaos out so that I can think clearly and be able to put my daily events in line. And then....HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART.....I need to keep that schedule going everyday so that my mind is being taught to do the right thing day after day.  The key to having a more productive and sane day is to have a plan in place and know where we are going to be and at what time.  A schedule or daily planner is definitely the first step of many on my Goals about yours????

The following link will take you to The Household Planner: 

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  1. I totally get the scheduling issue. If I start getting frantic and overwhelmed I stop and write a list of the top five things that have to be done, and don't do anything BUT those five things. It really helps!